Cyber Security's Next Generation Catchphrase

With each passing season comes a new catchphrase, a new marketing tagline, a treasure chest of interactive adwords that will ultimately benefit Google less than those copycat security vendors who jump on the bandwagon. Information security became Internet security became E-security which became digital security which became information security again and of course, we now are knee deep in the mega cyber security industry. Companies looking to protect organizations against vulnerabilities have been lapped by those protecting against threats. Threats have become persistently advanced and for some strange coincidence are now synonymous with groups of state-sponsored hackers.

Managed services once built and leveraged software as a service and now somehow both have morphed into cloud services. Viruses spawned malware and quickly thereafter malware gobbled up rootkits, trojans, and spyware.  Worms grew up and are now adult bots.
These buzz words make this industry money and tons of it. With each Christmas comes the new set of blinking slogan lights. These slogans will drive the new reports, dashboards, and features and most importantly another year of must-have security products that protect you from the “Next Generation” bad guys. Without that new security purchase, all previous security technology investments are null and your job, no your company’s brand, no the organization’s entire digital infrastructure is currently in grave danger.

So if you believe in Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Hallmark then take a deep breath and do not get too worked up on our little secret of productization and marketing in this industry. Besides it will be Christmas in Q4 soon enough and our vendors will be counting their Next Generation Firewalls, Advanced APT Defenses, Cloud Security Services, and Mobile Malware Security App presents that are under the tree.