Holy Unicorns!!! Boeing Phone and NephronMaxx™

It is extremely rare to spot a unicorn in broad daylight. Furthermore, you have better odds of starting the next Facebook than spotting two unicorns on the same day. Well my friends, I can happily say that I just saw two unicorns. Two organizations and leaders are attempting to break the mold of “being satisfied as large uninventive companies.”

W. James McNerney Jr. (Chairman and CEO of Boeing) and Linda P. Hudson (CEO of BAE) are both attempting to innovate in the cyber security market organically with new product offerings as opposed to acquiring technology like the heavy majority of their peers. These leaders believe they can change the historical success rate of system integrators that build and launch security products. Fifteen minutes of Googling should be able to uncover a treasure trove of system integrator ventures that date back to the 90′s with the Voyeur and Hydra projects.

Boeing is in the process of finalizing the development of the “Secure Boeing Phone” and BAE is preparing to launch their new “Large File Content Filter”, aka NephronMaxx™. Although there is little doubt that these technologies and products are built on the backs of large Government clients; they allegedly will satisfy a niche requirement that has little to no competition. If successful, these products could be put into the hall of fame like the STU-III or the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis. Conversely, if they go the route of the dodo bird most people will likely forget quickly and merely remember these organizations as the large SI’s they are.

Again kudos and best of luck to you both!

**NephronMaxx™ is a trademark of BAE Systems